Hobie Tandem Island

The Hobie Tandem island makes your sailing easy, convenient and fun. The boat can be rigged and on the water in 5 minutes. It can be folded down for compact storage and transport and it can be used for exploring harbours, estuaries, rivers and the open sea. Shore Thing/The Hobie Centre supplies custom made trolleys and trailers perfectly suited for easy transport of the boat. The Hobie Tandem Island can be sailed in a wide range of conditions from very light to strong wind, the easily furling mainsail allows you to easily select the right amount of sail for the conditions and can be changed at any time on the water. If the wind dies completely you can always get home thanks to the 2 Mirage Drives.

Hobie Tandem Island SPECIFICATIONS

LENGTH: 18’6″ / 5.64m
WIDTH: With Amas out: 10’/ 3.05m With Amas in 4’/1.22m
CAPACITY: 600 lbs / 272 kg
FITTED HULL WEIGHT: 130 lbs / 59 kg
FULLY RIGGED WEIGHT: 240 lbs / 109 kg
MAST LENGTH: 5.49 M /18′
SAIL AREA: 8.4 M2 / 90 FT2
FLOOR TO AKA BARS: 42.54 CM / 16.75″
FLOOR TO BOW: 38.1CM /15″
FLOOR TO RUDDER: 74.93 CM / 29.5″

Hobie Tandem Island

Affordable Hobie MirageDrive Sailing Kayak
Kayak Accessories Fitting and Set-Up Included.


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Shore Thing Presents the Hobie Tandem Island


We can help you choose the right Fishfinder set up for your Hobie Tandem Island.

Fishfinders are great for navigation as well as finding fish.

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Why Shore Thing Loves the Hobie Tandem Island

  • We love, love, love The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island for all sorts of reasons here are just a few of them but we could go on all day.
  • No more disappointing days where you can’t get out on the water. You can take it out in a force 0 to a force 6 and everything in between.
  • The furling sail means use as much or as little as you need for the conditions.
  • Explore a much wider area in much less time than you could on an ordinary kayak.
  • We love this boat because it is so perfect for harbours and estuaries like Poole Harbour; skim over shallow waters, fold in outriggers and explore rivers and creeks, head out to sea for some fun, navigate between moored yachts with ease.
  • Its load-carrying capacity means that the trampolines are ideal for stowing camping/fishing gear, children and even pets!
  • Dual controls on steering and sails so no arguments you can take it in turns.
  • Only takes 10 minutes to set up ready to go on the water.
  • A great platform for learning to sail and trimaran design means no-capsizes.
  • Can be fitted with Evolve Electric Motor Kit for even greater range.
    The best selling boat in the range and we have to admit it is our favourite.
  • Come and have a go for yourself and see what we are raving about.



Comes with Turbo Fins

Instantly spin the fins from forward to reverse with a quick pull of the shifter cable.  Unlike any other pedal system, the Mirage Drive 180 produces full power in both directions enabling you to easily back off a beach or away from a dock, pull fish out of cover, and hold position in a swift current.  Thanks to the New Kick-Up Mirage Drive you no longer need to worry about shallow water or underwater obstacles – if your fins should meet an underwater obstacle they will automatically retract and as soon as you start pedaling again the drive will fins will redeploy.

Another Hobie #1


HOBIE TANDEM ISLAND can be shipped or delivered by calling us on

01202 671661

There may be an additional charge depending on your requirements.

Come and try!

A HOBIE TANDEM ISLAND at Shore Thing, Rockley Park, Poole and see for yourself!