Choose the Power Supply for the Fishfinder on your Hobie Kayak

Batteries and cabling to ensure your Fishfinder stays on as long as you stay our fishing

Hobie Kayak Fishfinder picture
Hobie Kayak Fishfinder picture

Through Hull Wiring and Cables

The cables and through hull wiring kits that you require will depend on your chosen finder and its location on your kayak as well as your chosen power supply.  If you would like advice on the wiring and cables that you need, give us a call on 01202 671661.

If you look at the installation kits below they contain everything you will need to install your power supply into your kayak including cabling and a battery holder.

Power Supply for your Fishfinder

We have found that the Hobie Lithium Battery installation packs are the best for installing your fishfinder, they are compact and reliable.  If you are added more electronics to your kayak like electric motors you may wish to use a larger battery from the Rebelcell range.

Weighing in at just over 20 oz. It’s safe, durable and water resistant and comes with all the components necessary for rigging up an individual device. Kit includes: 12V Lithium ion battery, 110V Charger, 12” connector with open leads, 6” heat shrink tubing and 2 heat shrink butt connectors.

We can help you choose the right Fishfinder set up for your Hobie Kayak

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