Hobie Mirage drive 180

In 1997 Hobie revolutionised kayaking forever.
Experience 20 years of innovation perfected.
Mirage Drive 180
Hobie Mirage Drive 180 Review

Hands-free propulsion in both forward and reverse.

Instantly spin the fins from forward to reverse with a quick pull of the shifter cable. Unlike any other pedal system, the Mirage Drive 180 produces full power in both directions enabling you to easily back off a beach or away from a dock, pull fish out of cover, and hold position in a swift current.

The Mirage 180 Kick-up is available with either standard of Turbo fins for extra power. The other kayaks with MD 180 can be easily upgraded to Turbo fins for an additional cost, take a look at the Turbo Fin Upgrade Kit.

New Kick-Up Fin technology.

Hobie Mirage Drive 180