Hobie Pro Angler 14 360 Series 2022 Model – in stock and available today!


The Hobie Pro Angler 360 comes with the all-new Mirage Drive 360 complete with kick-up fins,  giving you the freedom to move through the water without constraints and go exactly where you would like to go.  Effortlessly spin and move in every direction.  On the new Mirage Drive 360, the kick-up fins retract immediately on impact with an underwater obstacle and then redeploy as soon as you have passed the obstacle.  Thanks to our kick-up technology shallow waters are no longer inaccessible to kayak anglers.  The PA14 360 is also packed full of additional ‘fishy ‘features including, dual steering, 6-rod holders, the infinitely adjustable elevated Vantage ST seat, and plenty of space on the Hobie H rail bar to mount any additional accessories that you might choose.

If you order your Pro Angler from us we are happy to install any accessories including fishfinders/batteries free of charge.  We are happy to chat with you about the most suitable accessories for the type of fishing you would like to do.

Hobie Pro Angler 14 360 Series SPECIFICATIONS

Available in : Amazon Green Camo or Arctic Blue Camo

LENGTH: 4.17 m / 13′ 8 ”
WIDTH: 0.97 m / 38″
HEIGHT: 0.51 m / 20″
CAPACITY: 272 KG / 600 lbs
VANTAGE SEAT CAPACITY: 159 kg / 350 lbs
FITTED HULL WEIGHT: 124.5 lbs / 56.5 kg
FULLY RIGGED WEIGHT: 148.5 lbs  / 67.4 kg

Pro Angler 14 360 Series

Affordable Hobie MirageDrive Fishing Kayak
Kayak Accessories Fitting and Set-Up Included.


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Shore Thing Presents the Pro Angler 14 360 Series


We can help you choose the right Fishfinder set up for your Pro Angler 14 360 Series.

Fishfinders are great for navigation as well as finding fish.

Click on the buttons for more information.

Why Shore Thing Loves the Pro Angler 14 360 Series

  • WOW! This kayak is so maneuverable you can get anywhere you want to go with ease.
  • The Hobie Pro Angler 14 is so spacious you can take all your kit for a fishing competition and stay out on the water all day!
  • The kick-up fins mean that you don’t eve need to consider underwater obstacles, just concentrate on your fishing.
  • The Hobie Design team have excelled themselves with this boat, working together with the
  • Hobie Fishing team they have solved every problem that a kayak angler might have.
  • The extra-wide ‘Vantage’ seat is pure genius, first of all, it is the most comfortable of fishing seats and second, it can easily be raised up a few inches to give you a true vantage over the water and a much better view of the fish.
  • Guardian transducer shield safeguards your sonar.
  • Quite simply the best fishing kayak ever designed.



For Hands-Free Performance

A powerful combination of performance and value. The MirageDrive Classic pedal system has dual underwater fins that drive you forward with proven speed using the power of your legs. The patented square tip fin design on the ST fins has an increased surface area while maintaining a one-foot mast length for faster speeds. With a refined design and famous Hobie quality, experience endless adventure on the water.


Mirage Drive 360

Another Hobie #1


HOBIE PRO ANGLER 14 360 SERIES 2022 Model – in stock and available today! can be shipped or delivered by calling us on

01202 671661

There may be an additional charge depending on your requirements.

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A HOBIE PRO ANGLER 14 360 SERIES 2022 Model – in stock and available today! at Shore Thing, Rockley Park, Poole and see for yourself!

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