Hobie Passport 10.5

Hobie Passport 10.5 2020 with GT Mirage Drive and Kick up fins

The big brother to the Passport 12 ideal for accommodating more cargo on board or a heavier crew. The Passport 12 is a simpler version of a Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak with a few less features which make it saleable at a great price point.

The hull shape on the Passport 12 makes the kayak really stable and ideal for first time kayakers, thanks to the Mirage Drive the kayak can cover surprising distances making it great for both touring and a spot of fishing. It also allows for plenty of gear to be loaded on board, there are several storage areas on the kayak including a rear cargo area with bungees, a bow storage area with bungees and a handy twist and stow storage hatch just in front of the seat. The kayak tracks really well through the water and the steering control is easy to use with one hand.

The raised mesh seat is adjustable and will keep you dry and comfortable all day long. The kayak comes with the Mirage Drive GT (Glide Technology) Drive with kick up fins. The fins kick-up whenever they hit an underwater obstacle and then redeploy once you start to pedal again. When folded into their upright position there is a recess in the hull to protect the fins when you are launching and recovering the kayak. This drive is tough and easy to maintain as well as smooth to use. The drive can be adjusted easily on board to accommodate different leg lengths from a approx 7 year old child to a 6 foot plus adult.

We have been using this durable kayak for 3 years as a rental kayak and we have found it to be ideal for this purpose, the shape of the hull even allows for the hulls to be easily stacked on top of each other.

The accessory mount allows for easy install of a sail kit or Bimini to protect you from the weather.

Useful fishing extras are 2 flush mount rod holders in the back of the kayak, the accessory mounting tracks that run down each side of the footwell (an ideal spot to install a fishfinder) there is also a transducer cavity making installation of the fishfinder straight forward. Remember any additional accessories such as electrics are installed for free on new kayaks when purchased from us.

Hobie Passport 10.5 SPECIFICATIONS

LENGTH: 10’6″ / 3.2 m
WIDTH: 34″ / 0.86 m
CAPACITY:  325 lbs. / 147.42 kg
FITTED HULL WEIGHT: 65 lbs. / 29.48 kg
FULLY RIGGED WEIGHT: 75lbs. / 34.02 kg

Passport 10.5

Affordable Hobie MirageDrive Kayak
Kayak Accessories Fitting and Set-Up Included.


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At Shore Thing, we offer free fitting of all accessories including additional storage hatches, turbo fin kits, sail kits, fishfinders, electric motors and power supplies, on all kayaks purchased directly from us.


During the season we have Hobie Passport 10.5 available for you to demo on the water.  Call to book  01202 671661

Shore Thing Presents the Passport 10.5


We can help you choose the right Fishfinder set up for your Passport 10.5.

Fishfinders are great for navigation as well as finding fish.

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Why Shore Thing Loves the Passport 10.5

  • The best thing about the Passport is the price. The Passport has all of the features and quality that you would expect from Hobie at an affordable price.
  • The seat is as comfortable as you would expect from a Hobie Kayak and you could comfortably sit in it all day.
  • Hobie Passports can easily be stacked one on top of the other for storage making them ideal for the rental market.
  • The kayak is simple to steer and the rudder system is very easy to maintain.
  • The is a recess in the bottom of the hull so that when the Mirage Drive is in it’s folded up position it is protected by the shape of the hull.
  • Comes with accessory mounting tracks along the sides of the footwell for easy mounting of Fishing Accessories.



For Hands-Free Performance

The Mirage Drive GT delivers an ultra smooth ride.  The GT stands for Glide Technology which means a smoother and more efficient movement of the drive. For 2021 the Hobie Passport models now come with Kick-up fins so you never need to worry about underwater obstacles again.  On impact with an underwater obstacle the fins automatically kick-up and then they redeply as soon as you start pedaling again.


Hobie Mirage Drive GT

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Hobie Passport 10.5 can be shipped or delivered by calling us on

01202 671661

There may be an additional charge depending on your requirements.

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