Hobie Outback 2021 Model

The fully-loaded fishing machine is built for every fishing expedition.  Whether you are sea fishing, river or freshwater the Hobie Outback is suited to all types of fishing.  The extra-wide standing deck offers an improved casting platform and convenient Vantage point for sight fishing.  Whilst the Outback decking and Vantage Seat allow for superior vision from above the water, the revolutionary Guardian Transducer Shield gives you multi-dimensional vision below the surface.

The new Vantage CTW seat is extra wide for unmatched room and comfort.  There are 4 moulded in rod holders, multiple deluxe H-track mounts and numerous high-capacity storage compartments ensure that all your gear is at your fingertips.  The Hobie Outback is powered by the Mirage Drive 180 with Kick-Up Turbo fins and ARC cranks.  Not only is the Mirage Drive Kick-Up but the rudder is also retractable making for a very relaxing experience where you never need to worry about underwater obstacles.

This finely tuned fishing machine is vertatile, has loads of storage and is really nimble and stable.


LENGTH: 12′ 9″ / 3.89 m
WIDTH: 34″ / 0.86 m
CAPACITY: 425 lbs. / 192.78 kg
FITTED HULL WEIGHT: 85 lbs. / 38.56 kg
FULLY RIGGED WEIGHT: 103 lbs. / 46.72 kg


Affordable Hobie MirageDrive Kayak
Kayak Accessories Fitting and Set-Up Included.



Get on the water today!

0% APR** Financing

on Shore Thing Conditional Sale with minimum 10% deposit required

Get on the water today!

0% APR** Financing

on Shore Thing Conditional Sale with minimum 10% deposit required

Shore Thing Presents the Outback


We can help you choose the right Fishfinder set up for your Hobie Outback Kayak

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Why Shore Thing Loves the Outback

  • We love the space onboard- the wide-open deck is a great casting platform.
  • We love the fact that it turns so easily with such a small turning circle.
  • The Vantage CTW seat is suitable for any size of angler and is comfortable enough to stay out on the water all day.
  • The Hobie Outback is in our opinion the all-rounder. The ideal boat for using anywhere, in any conditions



Comes with Turbo Fins

Instantly spin the fins from forward to reverse with a quick pull of the shifter cable.  Unlike any other pedal system, the Mirage Drive 180 produces full power in both directions enabling you to easily back off a beach or away from a dock, pull fish out of cover, and hold position in a swift current.  Thanks to the New Kick-Up Mirage Drive you no longer need to worry about shallow water or underwater obstacles – if your fins should meet an underwater obstacle they will automatically retract and as soon as you start pedaling again the drive will fins will redeploy.

Another Hobie #1


Hobie Outback 2021 Model can be shipped or delivered by calling us on

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There may be an additional charge depending on your requirements.

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