Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX Series

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Hobie Mirage Eclipse ACX Series

Inventing new ways to enjoy the water is a way of life at Hobie. Our latest – the Mirage Standup – is the world’s first stand up pedalboard. Rather than paddling, riders pedal using the patented MirageDrive technology used in our hands-free kayaks, to power these stand up boards.

Mirage Standups offer accessibility and control unparalleled in stand up. They promote fun on the water, exercise in the open air, in social settings or solo.

What we at the Hobie Centre love about the Hobie Mirage Eclipse

  • We love the fact that the board is so lightweight that you can get out on the water really easily and it takes minutes to load it on top of your car.
  • We love that you don't have to change your clothes before you go out on the Hobie Eclipse.
  • We love the speed!  We can't believe how quick the board is and how quickly it eats up distance, so if you are planning on touring, try it!  We have done 2 ten mile events over the summer of 2017. The Vogalonga in Venice and the Exe Rally for Kayaks.
  • We love the low impact exercise.  You can cover long distances or sprint over short distances and the following day there are no aching muscles.
  • We love that the Hobie Pedalboard is a great way of spotting wildlife.  Approach quietly without splashing about and you can get close to all kinds of wildlife.
  • We love how easy it is to use these unique foot powered stand up pedalboards.  They are more stable than a standard SUP and the addition of the handlebars adds to the stability further.  The steering levers which drive a rudder on the back of the board mean that all your energy is transferred into forward motion rather than wasted on maintaining direction.

Come and try a Hobie Mirage Eclipse at the Hobie Centre and see for yourself!

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