• 1 Galvanised  Launch Trolley

1 Galvanised Launch Trolley

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  • Price: £695.00

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Galvanised Aluminium Launch Trolley

For more details; go to Parts and Accessories and click on the link to download the complete Hobie Kayaking Parts and Accessories Manual. Parts may take up to 2 weeks to be delivered. Galvanised easy launching trolley for the Adventure or Tandem Island.  Can be purchased on its own or combined with the custome built trailer. ( For details of the combi trailer/trolley please see 'galvanised combi trailer/trolley') The steerable jockey wheel makes the trolley very easy to manouvre and lanching and recovering single handed is an easy job.



  • Galvanised Steel
  • Includes Genuine Hobie Hull formers.
  • Includes detachable jockey-wheel with steering handle.
  • Guide posts to ensure easy recovery even in tidal flow.



We can make a range of custom made trailers to suit your requirements an accommodate any combination of Hobie Kayak. This trailer will take 4 kayaks comfortably. If you would like further advice call us on 01202 671661. SHIPPING/DELIVERY/COLLECTION OF THIS HOBIE KAYAK CAN BE ARRANGED BY CALLING US ON 01202 671661. THERE MAY BE AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE DEPENDING ON YOUR REQUIREMENTS.

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